Rationalisation today brings value tomorrow

The corporate it forum

The main challenges faced by IT directors today relate to rationalisation of the IT infrastructure, whereas the challenges for tomorrow will be to deploy the fruits of this work to facilitate business change and bring real value from IT.

That was the message from Denise Plumpton, chairman of The Corporate IT Forum at the user group's annual conference in June.

"Today it is about consolidation and simplification, integrating business processes cohesive- ly, delivering IT as a service, maximising benefits and minimising risk," she said.

"Tomorrow, the issues will be adopting new technologies; enabling business change through technology; and using our experience and knowledge of IT to grow our business and market share."

The future will see even more emphasis on the relationship between IT and the business covering a range of issues such as: strategic partnerships, re-engineering the organisation through IT, moving from maintenance to strategic investment, having customers in charge of interaction, balancing innovation and cost effectiveness, ensuring an efficient and effective supply chain, collaborative working, and connecting the business.

Plumpton emphasised the value of IT directors discussing these issues in a forum free of commercial pressures.

"Tif is about bringing together senior management of IT organisations to share cross-industry experience to help provide leadership direction to multiple and diverse communities and businesses. It provides an opportunity to share that knowledge in a supplier-free environment," said Plumpton.


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