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I have a business degree taken in Denmark but have been working in the UK for the past four years, mainly doing customer service....

I have a business degree taken in Denmark but have been working in the UK for the past four years, mainly doing customer service. I worked in system support for about a year and would like to get another job in a similar role. I have experience of Siebel, Office, Notes, Vantive and hardware support. I am doing an A+ certification along with the Cisco certified network associate and Cisco certified network professional courses. Will this help me get a job?

Link technical and business experience

You have some very useful experience and qualifications. The courses you have selected are highly regarded industry certifications which will certainly assist you.

Within IT we tend to talk about skills in terms of versions of products. However, when you are looking for a new job, it is important to consider your wider skill set and sell the business and financial capabilities you have built up in your current role.

Companies are always looking for candidates with a blend of technical and business skills, combining, for example, business or sector expertise with networking, programming and software development.

Although there are a lot of professionals with specialised IT skills, many will not develop a broader range of competencies such as project management, financial management or good communications skills. You have already built up an impressive set of skills and I would encourage you to promote these.

Employers like to see good application of technology and not just straight technical knowledge. You have secured these highly desirable skills and you need to ensure you highlight these to a prospective employer.

Solution by TerryWatts, chief operating officer, E-Skills UK

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