IT Superhero Toby Brown Q & A

Your overall IT Superhero Toby Brown answers our quikfire questions

1.      Which superhero character would you be?

If we’re talking classic superhero’s I’d have to be Batman, not for the superhero life – more the millionaire lifestyle that accompanied it!  I think the most interesting would be Peter Petrelli from Heroes though – you can fly, you’re indestructible and can leap through time!  What more do you want?

2.      What gadget would you most like in your Xmas stocking?

For the office it’d be an uber-cool PizzaKobra.  For the home it’d have to be an automatic robotic hoover.

3.      What is your first technology memory?

I think I was around four or five when I played on an old bat and ball system plugged into the television.  Physically being able to make something on that screen happen amazed me, and from then on in I was hooked.

4.      Why did you choose a career in IT?

IT chose me.  When I was 13 and all my mates had paper-rounds, I got a weekend job in the little local computer shop and my interest and knowledge grew from there.  It’s just something I do and I’m good at it, so why do anything else?

5.      How can IT make a difference to people’s lives?

In any and every way.  IT can empower anyone to further their aims or goals in life.  An artist can showcase themselves using IT, a student can research and learn using IT, a premier manager uses IT to analyse their players performance and hospitals use IT to save peoples lives. 

IT truly is the one of the most amazing examples of human creation, yet it’s so invisibly ingrained in nearly every aspect of people lives - and we’re only just beginning to see what it can do.

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