Downtime: police cut music at source with sting operation

Downtime: the lighter side of IT

"Go A-squad! Move, move, move, he is uploading the new James Blunt album," might have been the words uttered outside a flat in Teesside last week, as officers moved in to shut down one of the largest illegal file-sharing websites in Europe. The UK-run website allegedly leaked as many as 60 major pre-release albums in 2007, according to reports from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Given that this has been a fairly lacklustre year for releases, it is ironic that one of the best albums of the year was released free of charge, quite legally, courtesy of Radiohead.

Downtime wonders how the band coped with the excessive bandwidth demands placed on its website, and whether it used any wireless area network optimisation technologies to cope with the surge in demand.

When we asked the band to comment, we got a response that sounded like "go away, computerhead".

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