DPM's diary: 19 August 2008


I went to the local BCS meeting this evening - well, I don't go to the kirk much, so this is the only way I can feel like one of the younger...


I went to the local BCS meeting this evening - well, I don't go to the kirk much, so this is the only way I can feel like one of the younger ones, relatively that is.

I am being a little unfair, I suppose. Actually, we do get a few youngsters at Bogcaster BCS - it is just that they don't tend to come more than once. Anyway we were, in the "what is wrong with the young of today?" mode of a Daily Mail editorial, discussing the next generation this evening. In particular why the lazy hooligans are not taking IT at A Level. Some thought it was because it was too difficult, but I think it is in fact the very reverse. Let's face it, any kid who has grown up net-savvy is going to know more about IT than anyone they are likely to meet this side of a white board. Bright kids drop out of A Level IT, or have the sense not to do it in the first place, because all they are asked to do is write essays describing different types of databases. Meantime they are sitting in front of state-of-the-art desktops they built themselves writing code that can bring down the US defence network.


"Recession? What recession?" The important thing is for influential people, like Computer Weekly columnists, to act responsibly and stop talking things down all the time. Our having nothing to fear except ... what was it now ... oh yes, losing our jobs, the house being repossessed, pension wiped out, savings lost in a bank crash, global warming, bird flue, the Tories getting back into power, nuclear war, food shortages, another new Sequin Splendour release from Microshaft.


As Dave says it can't be a recession because we are still not getting applicants for the vacant DBA job.


Seven applications came in for the DBA vacancy this morning. All could start immediately.


Mavis is organising a Computer Olympics to complement that business going on in China. Nothing too strenuous you understand. Medal events include: writing a programme to solve a simple maths test - seven sections here, one each for the different compilers we have to hand commissioning the PC (includes removing from the box, assembling, delivery and getting a real user to sign for it - current world record time 18 seconds) best webcam footage worst Facebook site least plausible excuse for late delivery accepted by a user and of course, the blue ribbon event, marathon drinking of pints of Hobsons in the Flea and Faceache (points awarded for both quantity and final stability).

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