Where to find security bulletins from the world’s top 10 software companies

Looking for information on new patches and security alerts from the likes of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and HP? We’ve listed and linked to the security information pages from the planet’s top ten software companies to help you find patches you need to stay secure.

Who are the top ten software companies in the world? And how can you find their security updates?

The first one is a tough question to answer because, for example, one of the lists you’ll find online includes Ericsson in it’s top ten. For our purposes that’s not very useful as not many enterprises run its wares, even though lots of carries probably shell out plenty of dough for its products.

Instead, we’ve compiled a list of the ten companies whose products you’re most likely to use in your enterprise, and in this story bring you links to their pages that offer the most information about, and access to, new security issues they plan to address.

1.      Microsoft
Almost every organisation runs something from Microsoft, and the company has had to develop very sophisticated tools to disperse patches and fixes. You can find a wealth of information here at its TechNet service. The company’s TechNet blogs also have some useful information.

2.      Oracle
Oracle helpfully maintains a page dedicated to “Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts”. The company’s Software Security Assurance web site may also come in handy.

3.      IBM
IBM’s Support Portal is the place to start looking for its most recent fixes. Its DeveloperWorks site also lists security bulletins for each of its products. Here, for example, is its list for Lotus products.

4.      SAP
SAP’s Technical Resources page offers links galore

5.      HP
HP’s Patch Database requires registration to use, but offers a resource that includes “patches that apply to keywords and platforms of your choice.”

6.      Symantec
It’s tricky to find a single page on Symantec’s site that lists all new security-related downloads, but its Enterprise Support page is a good place to start finding information about the products you use. Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) also looks a handy resource.

7.      CA
The CA Security Response Blog and the company’s Online Support Portal seem your best ports of call.

8.      Adobe
Adobe makes it easy to find its security downloads, on its bulletins and advisories page.

9.      Cisco
We know you’re almost certainly not running any Cisco apps, but the company has long-said its secret sauce is software, not boxen with blinkenlights. And this Security Intelligence Operations page is just plain excellent.

10.  BMC
BMC rounds out our top ten and, with its “Product Downloads, Patches, and Fixes” page, does so in easy-to-use style.

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