UK CIOs take on cloud computing

This four-part series reveals how CIOs in the UK are handling the emerging world of cloud computing.

If you are a UK CIO just about to dip your toe in the world of cloud computing, this four-part series holds the answers to all your questions. Find out how to adapt to a cloud computing environment, along with tips and advice on migrating and integrating cloud applications.


CIOs and the cloud

UK cloud adoption picks up as CIOs adapt to new delivery model
As the benefits of cloud computing become clearer and clearer, many CIOs are finding new approaches to cloud adoption.

Cloud migration: More complex than plug-and-play
Strategies for cloud application migration and integrating cloud apps into your existing infrastructure can be tricky. Find out how some users are fairing.

Five steps to a successful cloud applications strategy
Porting apps to the cloud is not as easy as switching servers or data centres. Read about some emerging best practices for creating cloud applications.

Nimbus likes life in the cloud
Nimbus Partners has found a home for running its business applications -- in the cloud. Discover how they found the right cloud computing offering.

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