Top 10 networking stories of 2012

We give a run down of the top 10 stories in the networking industry throughout 2012

Networking may be the glue holding the datacentre together, but it has often been treated as a somewhat feared technology.

Businesses have dealt with under-performing networks for years, scared of the consequences of trying something new. It has always been better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

But this year, the industry finally got the shake-up it needed with a new technology trend emerging that it could not ignore: Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Now the fight is on for which standard will win out, which company will choose the best route to market and which start-up will be the next billion dollar company as more innovation hits networking than ever before.

Here are the top 10 stories of an exciting 2012 for networking:

1 Networking services market to fall in next two years

Networks might be getting a lot of attention in IT right now, but it seems businesses want to bring the focus internally, rather than putting cash in the pockets of external firms. A survey from Computer Weekly and TechTarget showed IT buyers were moving away from using external networking services, mostly due to a lack of budget, and keeping skills in their own departments for the technology.

2 Networking the least understood element of IT, says HP's Nick Watson

HP is finally making a big push in networking and is seeing solid results, but even its vice-president in charge of the European networking business believes it is a much misunderstood technology.

3 WiFox claims 700% boost in Wi-Fi performance

The reputation for wireless networking has been growing over 2012 and new innovations, such as WiFox – which will use software to boost performance by up to 700% – are helping it on its way into the workplace.

4 UK calls for video conferencing standard

As well as new innovations, older technologies have been gaining traction in 2012 and undergoing revamps. Video conferencing is one such service with many new players coming onto the pitch, but in the UK, businesses want a standard before they really start ramping up adoption.

5 SDN scares big network suppliers

At the start of the year, SDN was seen as the playground for the start-ups, toying with new ideas and innovations to create the next big thing. As Emulex pointed out though, it would not be long before the big networking companies had to get into the game too.

6 VMware looks to SDN with $1.05bn Nicira acquisition 

SDN kept being cited as a hot topic but it was all words and no action from a lot of the big suppliers. When VMware stood up and put $1.05bn on the table for Nicira – reportedly besting an offer from Cisco – the industry sat up and listened.  

7 Brocade boosts SDN presence with Vyatta buy

Now it was time for the rest of the big guns to make their play in the SDN market and next up was Brocade. Although it had often touted its belief in SDN, it was with the acquisition of Vyatta that it was taken seriously.

8 The networking fear will make Cisco an SDN winner

SDN is threatening the hold Cisco has on the networking industry as the largest provider of proprietary hardware. It has taken the approach with SDN that having software and hardware from the same provider means performance will be better. Although many in the industry disagree, playing on the inherent paranoia with networking customers may enable it to win the market for now.

9 Big Switch Networks enters SDN race 

Silicon Valley is awash with start-ups focusing on SDN technologies but all the buzz from California seemed to be on Big Switch Networks and the industry waited with bated breath for the firm to launch its first products. These came in November to much applause.

10 Why Cisco chooses acquisition over R&D 

The only way to keep up with the market is through innovation and being the first one out there with new and exciting products. Some chose to invest in research and development in-house to achieve this but the biggest networking player, Cisco, plumped for buying the talent in. With 10 acquisitions in 2012 by the start of December, it is clearly serious about this direction.

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