Telecoms and network technologies for SMEs

This first supplement will advise on how to avoid falling into technological pitfalls. It will look at the latest developments in...

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This first supplement will advise on how to avoid falling into technological pitfalls. It will look at the latest developments in ICT and how they pertain to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in general.



The strategic path

The modern day commercial environment continues to place increased pressure on your business to increase efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness. A fundamental requirement in delivering such benefits to your business is a robust, reliable and flexible information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure.

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IP-based comms on the cusp of success

Converged IP-based data and telecoms networks could deliver great benefits for SMEs. Suppliers of IP-based solutions are making great claims for what these networks can offer, especially in terms of cost savings. But what must SMEs do to reap these rewards and avoid potential pitfalls? By Joe O’Halloran

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Avoiding the traumas technology can bring

How can businesses get it right without falling at the first hurdle? Here are some common mistakes to avoid, from ICT general manager, BT Business, Mick Hegarty.

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ROI is the key to purchasing decision

Received wisdom says a return on investment calculation is a straightforward one. But, as Sally Whittle reports, many factors can complicate matters. Read article >>

SMEs start to take advantage of the big players’ technology

A variety of telecoms products exist aimed exclusively for SMEs. As Anthony Adshead reports, SMEs are now beginning to formulate strategies for growth based on the technology that is appropriate and best suited to them.

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Convergence: how to buy yourself a competitive edge

The idea of convergence – systems combining telephony and networking functions – is slowly coming to the fore. Christopher Walton examines what SMEs need to know about how to acquire this essential technology.

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Virtual private networks offer a flexible, affordable solution

SMEs looking to modernise and expand their existing networks can increase efficiencies and improve flexible working with a VPN. Alison Hawkings looks at the reasons why this technology is becoming increasingly popular.

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Managed services make time for businesses under pressure

Just like their larger counterparts, SMEs are coming under massive pressure to squeeze as much value as possible from their IT and telecoms systems. James Rogers looks at whether managed services are the solution to this problem.

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Need IT expertise? Then managing matters

Things are looking up for SMEs on two fronts: suppliers are at last looking at ways of helping to improve your business with specially designed network management packages, while also improving levels of support. Gary Flood reports.

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Serving up the best with a wireless brew

Independent brewer Charles Wells is using wireless technology to help it compete with its multinational rivals. But, as Sally Whittle reports, SMEs need to weigh up the pros and cons of what wireless can do for them before they take the plunge.

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Broadening your horizons

A broadband connection can offer much more than merely fast, always-on internet access. As Joe O’Halloran finds out, broadband can form the basis of services and applications that can actually transform how you conduct your business.

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Three broadband case studies

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