Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Disaster Recovery

How users can coordinate a range of data protection technologies to create more recoverable infrastructures.

Traditional data protection has finally started to shift towards a recovery-centric paradigm. Storage is now at the cusp of an entirely new discipline: Recovery Management. This track explores how users can coordinate a range of data protection technologies to create more recoverable infrastructures. Restructuring your recovery methods can also help you recover the right data at the right time and in the right manner.

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DR: It's all about the Data
Speaker: Presented by Bill Peldzus, Director of Storage Architecture, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
Description: In this session, you will learn about best practices in the area of disaster recovery, including definitions of key terms and exploration of storage, infrastructure, and data center architectures and concepts.
For more information: View a video Tech Talk with Bill on replication

Running a Successful DR Test
Speaker: Ray Lucchesi, President, Silverton Consulting
Description: In this session, Ray Lucchesi will focus on storage and application disaster recovery considerations. Ray will also keep an eye on overall networking, communications, worker access-availability and other operational issues that MUST be considered in any good DR plan and test.
For more information: Watch expert Jon Toigo discuss a solid disaster recovery plan

iSCSI SANs -- The Reality, The Vision
Speaker: Presented by Tony Asaro, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
Description: As the iSCSI market grows, so do the myths and misconceptions. Cutting through the clutter is Enterprise Strategy Group's Tony Asaro. In this presentation, Tony will look at ESG research compiled since this market's inception.
For more information: Integrating iSCSI and FC storage

Data Dangers - How Rogue Data Can Hurt You (or when deleting is the best option)
Speaker: Mark Diamond, CEO, Contoural
Description: Mark Diamond, CEO of Contoural will identify rogue data, discuss how it can hurt you, point out how to locate and contain it and review the best practices for getting rid of it. Learn why sometimes deleting is the best option.
For more information: When disaster recovery and data classification collide

The Benefits of Networked Storage with Virtual Severs (VMware)
Speaker: Presented by Mark Bowker, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
Description: There are inherent benefits, inclusive of increased availability, efficient data protection, and improved utilization if virtualized servers are deployed with networked storage. In this session, ESG's Mark Bowker takes a look at all of these.
For more information: Staging a disaster recovery VM

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