Special Report: Effective e-strategy in a colder climate

The fall-out from the dotcom love-in exploded the myth of "first-mover advantage" as the old bricks-and-mortar companies hung...

The fall-out from the dotcom love-in exploded the myth of "first-mover advantage" as the old bricks-and-mortar companies hung back and learnt from the mistakes of the pure-play dotcom companies.

The "quiet revolution" which followed the dotcom massacre has demonstrated the need for an effective e-strategy to make it in the new climate. Businesses and IT decision makers alike must be clear about which projects to go with and with what intensity.

The articles below show how to learn from previous mistakes and take new routes to future success:

Fixing the dotcom engine
Forget the grandiose plans which laid so many dotcoms low. Many on-the-ropes outfits are sitting on state-of-the-art technology and perhaps a recognised brand and customer base. These and other benefits could be yours if you buy a used dotcom
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What's in a name?
Don't worry if some huckster has snapped up your intended domain name - a completely new branding for Web operations can pay big dividends for a little extra effort
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How the "e" got into enterprise
This review of the last 18 months in e-commerce shows how many businesses went wrong while some found the right strategy. There's certainly never been a dull moment, and the whole experience can be used to form the base of an effective-e-strategy for today's business climate
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This was last published in August 2001

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