Software-as-a-service boosts CRM’s growth

CRM software’s growth propelled by the success of hosted services.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the fastest growing segment in the enterprise application market, propelled by the success of hosted services.


It shares the number one spot with human capital management (HCM), according to AMR Research. Both sectors are enjoying 10% growth, while enterprise resource planning (ERP) in comparison is limping along with 3%.


“Customer management applications may be returning to their glory days. Software-as-a-service is on fire, making sure that strong overall growth continues for the next several years,” says Rob Bols, research director at AMR Research.


While SAP is hanging on to its leadership spot in the CRM space, followed by Oracle, software-as-a-service poster child nips into the top five and is expected to grow 52% in 2006.


Oracle has pipped SAP to pole position in the HCM market.

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