Securing the mobile enterprise Executive Overview

How to reduce the security risk to business assets when deploying mobile technologies

Find out how to secure your enterprise in the mobile working era, in this executive overview produced by Computer Weekly in association with Vodafone.

Never has there been more pressure on today’s businesses to become flexible and adaptable entities better capable of reacting to business events.

In order to develop and evolve, firms are increasingly turning to mobility solutions. Organisations across all industries are trying to become more competitive by implementing mobile technology to enable more employees to work in more places. But by storing and processing business critical information in increased and more diverse geographical locations there is a corresponding increase in risk to the business.

Put simply, as more and more people work remotely, connecting to corporate systems and the internet outside the firewall, and carrying confidential data on their devices, company and personal security is at greater risk.

Click here to download this exclusive ComputerWeekly Executive Overview which will examine how firms can reduce the security risk to their business assets when deploying mobile technologies by using the appropriate technology and services.

It will examine the actual risk landscape to companies using mobile technologies and show what solutions and services are available to address these risks. It will examine the challenge related to successful deployment of mobile security services and solutions and how these can be overcome for firms to reap the benefits that mobility promises. In short it will show exactly how mobility solutions can make a vital, and secure, contribution to businesses.

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