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A round up of the key security stories from November


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Thwart hacking techniques
This month's issue of Information Security examines steganography, which is a method of hiding messages within a host file. If you're an enterprise security manager, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the techniques hackers and insiders are using to steal data in plain view. This learning guide on the latest hacker techniques gives you a head start on malicious users.
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Conduct a risk analysis
A well-crafted business impact analysis can be the difference between a minor outage and major trouble. This installment of's Risk Management Guide helps you identify asset value, vulnerabilities and threats to those assets, quantify the business impact posed by threats, and set goals for your risk analysis.
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Deal with switches and segments
You know your copper-wire networks can be hacked, but fiber is crack-proof, right? Think again. There are tools readily available on the Internet that can expose network to outsiders. If you want to read more about fiber taps, check out this technical tip.
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PING with Aviel Rubin
In this exclusive interview with Information Security magazine, Aviel Rubin, author of Brave New Ballot, examines security problems in e-voting machines, and explains why isn't just a cause for concern, it's a matter of national security.
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