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A selection of the latest research from leading analysts in association with

A selection of the latest research from leading analysts in association with

Latest research
- Butler Group - The impact of agents on corporate intelligence
Often answers to business questions reside in data sources that cannot be found easily. Ian Charlesworth believes intelligent agents may be the answer. Read now >>

- Butler Group - Securing the enterprise
IT security needs to balance the free flow of information with measures to prevent hacking attacks writes Andy Kellett. Read now >>

- Butler Group - Server Consolidation
John Holden looks at how organisations should focus on designing more rational, efficient, and flexible IT infrastructures that deliver consistently high levels of service. Read now >>

AMR Research
1. European B2B trading exchanges - play or pass?
European-based B2B trading exchanges will change global business dynamics. Read now >>

2. Pan-European CRM offers new challenges
CRM systems must support customers in different countries. Read now >>

Butler Group
1. Business Objects - Business Objects Ltd
Accessing and analysing the business using tools from Business Objects. Read now >>

2. E-Business development strategy: Java and .NET
Factors to consider when setting up a development strategy. Read now >>

1. Ariba's acquisition of Agile is a sound strategic move
Why did Ariba acquire Agile Software? Read now >>

2. IT staff strategy needed to streamline government
What do governments need to do to manage their IT staff more effectively? Read now >>

3. European IT services market will see consolidation and growth
What trends are emerging in the outsourcing and services market in Europe? What does this mean for Giga clients? Read now >>

4. The "10% cut solution" is no panacea for a revenue downturn
Facing a downturn in our company's revenues, we are contemplating an across-the-board budget cut of 10% to reduce IT expenses. Is this a reasonable strategy for a mid-size company with a fairly centralised IT shop? Read now >>

5. Trends in the ASP Market
How is the ASP market changing and what changes will manifest in 2001? Read now >>

6. OEM market for Java servers heats up
Are ISVs adopting Java 2 Enterprise Edition servers? Which companies are the leaders in the J2EE OEM market? Read now >>

7. Accessible design equals good design
Why should my company invest time and effort in making our Web sites accessible to disabled users? Read now >>

8. The Divide Between Applications and Operations: The Structural Perspective
What are the structural issues associated with divisions between applications and operations? Read now >>

1. Is Bluetooth living up to the hype?
The wireless networking standard named after a 10th century Danish King has promised much, but implementation is still thin on the ground. How much influence will Bluetooth have on the connectivity of the future? Read now >>

2. Why EDI need not be pensioned off
Electronic data interchange (EDI), so the popular wisdom goes, belongs to an older generation of technologies, replaced by smarter, Internet-charged offspring based on XML. The reality is that EDI and XML are more like twins separated at birth. Read now >>

3. The art of portal maintenance
Getting the best from portals means understanding what they can and cannot do to help you solve your knowledge management problems. Read now >>

4. Creating order out of chaos

We look at information-retrieval technology, the areas of hottest innovation today, and explain why the rise of mobile computing is poised to bring a further boost. Read now >>

5. Web hosting: why do it yourself?
Whether your Web site is large or small, a web hosting provider will help you run it more efficiently. Read now >>

6. Are you really ready for e-business?
Companies need to overhaul their business processes before they even talk to their IT departments. If they overlook this vital step, then even the sharpest new technology will be rendered useless. Read now >>

7. Microsoft unveils .NET Enterprise Server
Microsoft intends to blow the likes of Sun and Oracle out of the water with its successor to NT - the .NET Enterprise Server. This move into pervasive computing and away from client-centric computing marks a change of pace. Read now >>

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