Non-fee directors' club offers support to former IT chiefs

IT directors undergoing the pain of redundancy can hold their heads up high and be assured of a warm welcome from the IT...

IT directors undergoing the pain of redundancy can hold their heads up high and be assured of a warm welcome from the IT Directors' Network, a new independent user group.

The recently launched 200-strong group is a non-fee, not-for-profit, social network of current and former IT directors who meet regularly at the Institute of Directors to share experiences in a supplier-free environment.

"Former IT directors have the opportunity to keep abreast of what is going on in the profession, and current IT directors can meet and learn from their peers and also from people who have been in senior positions in major organisations," said the network's founder and chairman Roger Ellis, former IT controller at Blue Circle Industries.

President of the IT Directors' Network is Lord Renwick, president of the Parliamentary/industry group Eurim, and the group's co-founder is Julie Loveday, formerly of Integralis.

"IT directors are increasingly under a lot of pressure - more than ever before," said Ellis. "This is an opportunity for people to relax and sound off with kindred spirits, without any pressure or feeling they are on display, and with no sales people around.

"I strongly believe the mix between current and former IT directors works well. Both parties bring something to the table. It is a great disappointment that so many highly able 50-year-olds are being ignored when they have so much to offer. The IT Directors' Network will help redress this."
This was last published in July 2003

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