Next Move: career advice for IT professionals

Our expert panel of IT recuitment specialists answer readers' questions on how to climb the career ladder

Computer Weekly has put together a panel of recruitment specialists to answer IT professionals' career-related questions. Click on the links below to read their advice on building a successful IT career.

You can find out more about the skills mentioned by visiting our IT skills page, and further information on salaries and which IT skills are in demand is avaiable from the Computer Weekly/SSL Salary Survey. You can also check that you are being paid the going rate by using our Salary Checker.

The panel: Computer People, Hudson, No Limits Coaching, Firebrand Training, Wreay Group


Climbing the ladder

Where can I go from an IT support role?

How do I overcome pigeonholing?

No degree, dead-end IT job, where do I go?

Where can I move from sales support?

How do I move on from development?

How do I become a technical architect?

How do I become a well-paid specialist?

How do I move on from a small IT company?

How do I move from reseller to user?


Financial services

How do I get into financial services IT?

Will VBA open door to financial services?


IT management

How do I get essential business skills?

How do I become a business analyst?

How do I make a move into management?

How do I become a general IT manager?

Could I get a job in computer forensics?

How do I restart my high-level career?

Can I make the leap into IT management?

Networks and security

What do I need to work with Cisco networks?

How do I get started in IT security?


Project management

How do I get into project management? (part 1)

How do I get into project management? (part 2)

Should I study MCSE or Prince2 for a career in IT projects?

Should I take a business or IT qualification for project management?



How do I study IT from home?

Will a degree improve my IT career prospects?

Should I take Cerco or Comptia study route?

Which course to move from teaching into IT? 

Will training make up for lack of experience?

Which course to take to be a business analyst?

Should I narrow down my broad IT skills?

Help! The wheels are coming off my MCSE!


Web careers

How do I move into web development?

What is the best way to develop J2EE skills?

My pay is falling, have I been in IT too long?

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