Microsoft security features for Windows Server 2008

Learn more about the Microsoft security features of Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn) like BitLocker support and Network Access Protection (NAP) and how the delayed release of the new server system will affect security.

Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn) is being released in Q1 of next year. Are you prepared? Read up on the new security features of this server operating system like Microsoft BitLocker support and Network Access Protection (NAP) in this tip series. Also, learn how to build a custom server from scratch and how the delay of the Windows Server 2008 release will affect your security.

Will Windows Server 2008's delay affect your security?
By Benjamin Vigil
Is your Microsoft Windows Vista system at a disadvantage now that Windows Server 2008 won't be available until February 2008? Find out why one industry guru says no.

Longhorn Server preview: Important new features
By Brien M. Posey
Read up on some of the new features of Longhorn Server, including BitLocker support, role-based security, server core and network access protection.

Microsoft Longhorn Server Core: Security implications
By Jonathan Hassell
Microsoft's Longhorn Server Core edition will allow you to build a custom server from the ground up, using only the capabilities that you absolutely need. Read about the security implications of this new modular architecture in this tip from Jonathan Hassell.

Microsoft Longhorn features worth watching
By Gary Olsen
Expert Gary Olsen observes notable new features that will make a difference to Windows administrators: NAP, Terminal Services, Unix integration are a few.


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