Microsoft licensing - users force climb-down

Users angered by Microsoft's new software licensing terms and conditions have succeeded in clawing back more time in which to...

Users angered by Microsoft's new software licensing terms and conditions have succeeded in clawing back more time in which to upgrade their software at discounted rates.

Microsoft extends licence deadline (again)
Immense pressure from user organisations around the world has forced Microsoft to back down again on the deadline for its Software Assurance licensing programme.
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User group fury at Microsoft licence changes
Leaders of key UK IT user bodies have hit out at Microsoft for its failure to address key issues about its new software licensing regime.
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Users call on OFT to halt Microsoft
Microsoft users must take complaints over its new licensing regime to the government if they want force a climb-down on the issue, IT leaders and legal experts have warned.
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The case for the defence
Subscription is the way forward for Microsoft's business, but at the same time, the Redmond giant must be more open and competitive
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Microsoft spurns users over licence changes
Microsoft has refused to move the deadline for its licensing changes despite mounting pressure from user groups.
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Microsoft: IT chiefs are not ready
Almost half of IT managers are not ready for the changes in Microsoft's licensing regime that come into force next month, according to the Computer Weekly/Harvey Nash Big Question poll.
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Microsoft listens to users' worries
Microsoft's UK managing director Neil Holloway will consult the software giant's Redmond headquarters on user demands following a top-level meeting with IT directors to discuss the company's new licensing arrangements.
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Time, gentlemen, please
Microsoft's customers now have less than two weeks to decide whether to take advantage of its most popular discount upgrade schemes before they disappear in a fundamental shake-up of Microsoft's entire licensing regime.
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Which path to take?
Users wondering about how to respond to Microsoft's licensing changes still have a wide range of options, although many will disappear on 1 October. The choices available, and their merit, depend on the current situation of the user.
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