MaxDB fitted out with 64-bit support

SAP and partner MySQL are building support for 64-bit computing into SAP's open-source database.

SAP and partner MySQL are building support for 64-bit computing into SAP's open-source database.

Enterprise software supplier SAP partnered with open-source database supplier MySQL a year ago to help SAP develop, support and market its own database, now called MaxDB. According to Zack Urlocker, vice-president of marketing at Sweden-based MySQL, MaxDB 7.6 will be ready by the end of the year and will run on new platforms, including 64-bit Linux and HP-UX. 

To appeal to Java developers, MaxDB will support the Java-based Eclipse development framework originally created by IBM. There will also be support for MySQL Proxy, a standalone program that allows MaxDB and MySQL products to share data, and which supports the creation of applications that can transparently use both MaxDB and MySQL databases. MaxDB will also have a tool to monitor performance and automatically suggest how to keep it running smoothly. The database will also have support for replication.

The performance boost that comes with 64-bit support, along with the automated monitoring and management features, is of interest to Charlie Brann, SAP administrator at Swisslog TransLogic in Denver, Colorado. The materials handling systems maker uses SAP DB 7.3 to support an R/3 enterprise resource planning suite and other applications. Swisslog is also considering an upgrade to its mySAP ERP platform and migrating to MaxDB 7.6. 

MaxDB's clustering capability would be extremely desirable , said Reiner Jung, who heads up a project to move over 10,000 government users in Parana, Brazil, from Lotus Notes to open-source eGroupWare e-mail and scheduling software. 

The Parana project already has 700 users and relies on a single version of MaxDB 7.5, originally selected for its stability and reliability. Once version 7.6 was ready, Parana would switch to it for greater scalability, said Jung, who is also an independent IT and security consultant in Germany.

Prices for MaxDB 7.6 start at $49 per named user on single-CPU systems, with a minimum of five users. The price for for MaxDB for SAP is $1,490 per CPU.

Marc L Songini writes for Computerworld

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