Lorien backs on-line jobs exchange

On-line information exchange TheSkillsMarket, has joined forces with IT resourcing firm, Lorien in an initiative aimed at...

On-line information exchange TheSkillsMarket, has joined forces with IT resourcing firm, Lorien in an initiative aimed at reducing the time it takes to place IT professionals in appropriate employment

Recently launched on the internet, TheSkillsMarket acts as an interface for IT job seekers and staffing agencies, and claims to speed up the recruitment process with a system that encourages highly specific candidate profiles and provides accurate vacancy matchings. Lorien, apparently wanting to devote more time to helping its candidates secure jobs, was impressed by the company's system and saw it as a means of improving its own efficiency. Duncan Walker, managing director of permanent recruitment and responsible for e-business initiatives at the agency, explains, "We haven't seen a product or service like this before and we believe our partnership with TheSkillsMarket will make the recruitment process more efficient for our consultants, candidates and clients."

According to TheSkillsMarket boss, Daniel Elkins, while job seekers will ultimately have access to the same work opportunities regardless of whether they use Lorien or TheSkillsMarket website, the eventual goal is for TheSkillsMarket to manage the initial recruitment processes (of all agencies), specifically profiling and candidate-client matching.

"Probably 40 per cent of an agency's costs and around 60 per cent of its time goes into matching candidates to jobs," says Elkins. "With our technology we aim to remove this hassle from recruitment agencies so they can concentrate their efforts on helping candidates get the job."

Up to 10 IT recruitment agencies, of which Lorien is the first, are planning to enter into partnerships with TheSkillsMarket as part of a pilot project designed to advance the company's goal.

This was last published in August 2000

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