Keep up with work and take a laptop on holiday

The BCS has compiled some tips for travelling with a laptop after finding that 15% of executives take their computer on holiday...

The BCS has compiled some tips for travelling with a laptop after finding that 15% of executives take their computer on holiday to contact business colleagues and keep up with e-mails.

A further 8% take them to keep in touch with friends and family, to research local amenities or to use other technology such as digital cameras. Nearly half those who take their computer spend at least an hour a day dealing with work e-mails.

Executives who take their computers on holiday said they return to work feeling re-energised and in control, knowing they do not have to wade through a deluge of e-mails when they return.

BCS chief executive David Clarke said, "The figures reflect a 21st century working culture and also reveal that people are using technology to adapt to the demands of their work. Taking a laptop on holiday gives peace of mind by enabling them to keep in touch and respond to a situation."

The BCS has put together some tips for taking a laptop on holiday:
  • Make sure it is covered by company or personal insurance

  • Do not forget spare batteries, a charger or mains adaptor

  • Keep the laptop in its case and take it on the plane with you; never check it in as luggage

  • Ensure you have adequate password protection

  • Use the laptop discreetly in public places. Laptops now compete with mobile phones in the theft league

  • Never store sensitive information such as your passport number or bank details unless it is encrypted

  • Keep the laptop away from the sea and sand and avoid humid conditions

  • If you must work while on holiday, let customers and colleagues know you are available only at a fixed time.
This was last published in July 2003

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