Jboss mines Java developer seam

Open source software tools company launches product to simplify enterprise Java for developers

Open source software tools company JBoss has released the first beta of its JBoss Seam, which is aimed at simplifying Enterprise Java for developers.


JBoss Seam 1.0 bridges a gap in Java Enterprise Edition 5 by integrating EJB 3.0 and Java Server Faces into a single component model. This means developers can spend less time coding to make the two elements work together.


JBoss describe this as a “unified component model” that allows developers to write a component that is understood by the presentation layer.


State management in JBoss Seam improves upon Java EE applications too. Where Java EE apps implement state management - the process by which state and page information is maintained over multiple requests for the same or different pages – manually, JBoss Seam makes this process declarative, so eliminating the class of bugs that arises in this process.


“JBoss Seam represents a major reconsideration and simplification of the way Enterprise Java applications are developed,” said Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management for JBoss, “By introducing JBoss Seam and JBoss Microcontainer, JBoss continues to move toward our goal of making Enterprise Java development seamless and easy for all developers,” he added.


Process driven applications can be also be developed using JBoss Seam using JBoss jBPM, which allows the implementation of complex workflows.


JBoss has also launched JBoss Microcontainer, which is used to manage, configure and deploy plain old java objects (POJOs).

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