IT directors should plan for fuel crisis

IT directors should check emergency power arrangements to minimise disruption that could be caused by possible protests over fuel...

IT directors should check their emergency power supply arr-angements and draw up rotas for key staff to minimise any disruption that could be caused by possible protests over fuel prices, an analyst has warned.

Although the prospect of blockades on fuel depots by protesters appeared to recede last week, following hints by the government that it might not raise fuel duty in September, IT directors should still prepare for the worst-case scenario, said Graham Titterington, principal analyst at Ovum.

"Most datacentres have emergency generators and spare fuel for two to three days," said Titterington. "IT directors should make sure they are full."

Titterington also advised IT directors to plan alternative transport and accommodation arrangements for key IT staff to ensure they can reach the office during fuel protests.

"Look at staff shift patterns, perhaps with staff doing two 12-hour shifts, rather than three eight-hour shifts. In a drastic situation, it could require employees to lodge at work," said Titterington.

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