IT Blog Awards 2010: Best International

IT Blog Awards 2010: Best International - category information.

IT Blog Awards 2010: Best International

IT is a global business, and while we are looking for the best UK bloggers we know there are plenty of international blogs that keep the IT community informed. This category is open to any blog outside of the UK regardless of what part of IT they blog about. Get your badge now.

This year's shortlisted blogs:

About the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010

Computer Weekly’s search for the best blogs in IT is now in its third year, and this year’s competition, brought to you in association with IBM, promises to be bigger and better than before. The Awards will reward the best comment and insight that the UK’s IT industry has to offer at an awards ceremony on 18 November at the Delfina.

We want to know who you think are the best bloggers and Twitter users in the UK IT industry, so to kick off the Awards we're asking IT professionals to submit their nominations to us. The nominated blogs will be listed on this site, and from all the nominations received we will draw up a shortlist for each category which will then be put back to the public vote.


  • Blogs do not need to originate in the UK, but they must contain some coverage of the UK IT industry. The only exception to this rule is the Best international category.
  • Self-nominations are permitted, but the winners will be decided by a public vote.


 Copy the code below and put it in your site for your shortlist badge:

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