Full steam ahead for mobile workforce

Uninterrupted access to e-mail facilitates flexible working

Uninterrupted access to e-mail facilitates flexible working

Unlike most companies, railway engineering and technical consultancy Bellwether Enterprises - whose employees are based everywhere from Northamptonshire to Australia - chose not have a physical office. This left the Bellwether team with constraits in how and when they communicated. No office meant no in-house servers or the centralised infrastructure that most businesses take for granted. 

The Bellwether team is keen on enjoying a healthy work-life balance as many have young children or give their time to voluntary organisations. Because they have a hosted solution, they can use what was previously dead time when travelling to stay abreast of company and client developments.

Graeme Lloyd-Roberts, technical director of Bellwether, says, “We turned to a hosted service because we did not have the time or resources to manage our IT requirements. Using a hosted Microsoft Exchange 2003 service we can share information, calendars, contacts and e-mail wherever we are in the world from a range of mobile devices, all without fear of spam or viruses corrupting the data. It also means we can send large, complex technical documents and diagrams, with the reassurance that they will not bounce back or be lost.

“Having searched the marketplace for a solution to meet our business needs, we’ve found a great partner in Cobweb Solutions. Its services are a key element of our award-winning IT infrastructure. They take care of all the necessary software upgrades and security requirements so that we can get on with what we know best: providing a highly responsive service to our clients.”

The virtual office set-up supported by Cobweb’s hosted Microsoft Exchange 2003 service won Bellwether an e-commerce award sponsored by the DTI for the best use of teleworking.

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