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Five Australian IT leaders share their experiences

Learn how five Australian IT leaders, from industry, government and education, tackled projects for their organisations.

Want to learn how Australia’s IT leaders are tackling IT challenges like cloud computing, unified communications or the iPad? We’ve compiled some of our best case studies – all featuring CIO-level IT leaders – to help you learn from their experiences.

1. Why Toyota is deploying a dealer management app in the cloud
James Scott, Divisional Manager of Toyota Australia’s Information Systems Division, explains why he chose to deploy a dealer management application to Fujitsu’s cloud.

2. Alpine Council’s iPad plans
Craig Collings, IT Manager at Victoria’s Alpine Council, shares his experience of iPads in the enterprise.

3. Charles Sturt University’s unified communications experience
Phillip Roy, Director of Operations at Charles Sturt University’s Division of Information Technology, admits he underestimated the time required for a unified communications implementation.

4. New storage systems at Queensland Brain Institute
Jake Carroll, IT Manager at the Queensland Brain Institute, bought new storage from a new supplier. Learn why he was happy to diversify his vendor relationships in this case study.

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