Features list: February 2009 - green IT

ComputerWeekly.com features list for February 2009, on the topic of green IT.

Deadline: 8 January 2009

Publication date: Articles will run through the month of February 2009

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Green printing

This article will look at how to make departmental printing green. We will cover developments in printing technology like multi-function devices and the use of controls such as only allowing printing once users type in a password at the device, to cut down on paper waste.

The greening of the IT industry

What has the IT industry been doing to make IT more green? This article will cover the green technologies offered by suppliers including Intel, AMD, HP, IBM, SUN, DELL, Citrix and Microsoft.

Case studies

Both Google and Microsoft are building cloud computing businesses. It's likely that many people will use these services. Given their size Google and Microsoft can make a big difference in reducing the global carbon footprint of IT. This article will look at the state-of-the art technologies Google and Microsoft are using to build these data centres.


What is the green IT agenda of the UK government? How will its strategy affect central government and local authority departments? What metrics will be used to measure success and ???

EU data centre code of conduct

What do IT managers need to know about the EU data centre code of conduct? This article will cover best practices in data centre design and operation and will examine the main recommendations of the EU code of conduct.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

The IT industry is taking virtualisation technology to desktop computing, providing a way for IT managers to lower costs by centralising management, administration and resources. In this article we will look at the types of products available to support VDI and cover the pros and cons of desktop virtualisation.

Energy Star servers and desktop computers

In this article we will cover the role of the US Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star programme in providing IT managers with a guide to the typical efficiency of desktop PCs and servers running various types of applications.

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