Expert advice on top interviewing tips

Lisa Jobson, director of talent at Harvey Nash, gives top tips for landing a job.

In the wake of the credit crunch, the ensuing chaos in the banking industry and recession has seen many thousands lose their jobs. However, with news that the economies of Germany, Japan and France are in recovery – and closer to home, that the UK job market has turned a corner – never was there a better time to brush up your interview skills.

Lisa Jobson (pictured), director of talent at Harvey Nash, gives top tips for landing a job:

Top interviewing tips: Part 1 - effective networking >>

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Top interviewing tips: Part 4 - produce a winning CV >>

Top interviewing tips: Part 5 – preparing for an interview >>

Top interviewing tips: Part 6 – how to handle aggressive interviewers >>

Top interviewing tips: Part 7 – How to manage non-verbal communication >>

Top interviewing tips: Part 8 - how to handle your first interview >>

Top interviewing tips: Part 9 – how to handle your second interview >>


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