DPM's diary: 8 May 2007

Weekly round up of events at Bodcaster City Council....


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into well, the canteen in this case. Certainly this is a Jaws 2 moment.

A little while ago we wrote a system for the Direct Works Department. They called it Job and Works Scheduling and it turned out to be every bit as scary as its acronym. Not the complexity of the design you understand, just the difficulty of getting works managers to take IT seriously.

Anyway, as I was saying, there was a time when Jaws went live when I could not go in to the canteen for fear of being snapped at by disgruntled dustmen, gnawed by grimacing gardeners or chewed-off by cantankerous carpenters.

Their managers had used the new system to tighten all the job times, and responded to every protest with a shrug of the shoulders and, "It's that new computer, not me."

Anyway, things had settled down and I thought it was safe to wander down for one of Ethel's legendary sandwiches. Today, however, I was ambushed and berated at length about the evils of some new efficiency drive.

After a while I escaped, but returned to the IT department shaken and hungry without having made a purchase.


Charlie showed me Jaws 2 - it is a specialist GPS and G3 comms device that they fit to belts issued to all employees.

I do not think the lads and lasses of Direct Works are worried about IT in general, it is some of the special features they do not much care for. Like the one that constantly reviews their exact position.


Again I am besieged by Direct Works people as I try to obtain a bacon buttie. I am a simple man all I want is a little bit of bacon for my bread. So "You are right, I would not like to have my whereabouts known all the time, but look, the system does not monitor your position does it?"

"How ger mean, course it does." "No, it monitors the position of the device they sew into the pouch on your belt. Get yourself a pair of braces and you can stay on the job all day and still be knocking them back in the Flea and Face-ache." They paid for my buttie.


The heat wave is causing problems. If Mavis comes in to work in anything skimpier I think I will expire.


She does. I don't quite, but two 16-year-old lads on work experience have to be sent home early.

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