DPM's diary 13 February 2007

The weekly round-up of events from Bogcaster City Council.


Bogcaster ground to a halt today following a massive overnight fall of two inches of snow "drifting to more than three inches in places".

The leader of the council, Don Tsuemepleez, has ordered the closure of all city schools as a precautionary measure. Snow ploughs remain parked in the depot as the health and safety department has decided it is too risky for the drivers to cross the frozen yard to get to them. Meanwhile, the IT department continues to function regardless.


This morning a snow ball fight, which started in the car park, got a bit out of hand. The various protagonists carried on in the offices using quantities of the white stuff hauled up through the windows by improvised hoists made from waste paper buckets and lengths of cable.

Then one particularly put upon victim took refuge in the server room. His pursuers followed him, but not all of their missiles found their target.

Our racking systems are open to assist cooling. After a few melting moments, there was a series of bright blue flashes and most of the servers destructed in a shower of sparks and a cloud of vapour. Very spectacular, I am told.


The man from the data recovery service explained that if you want to circumvent a so-called failsafe data protection system, pouring water into the cabinets while the discs are spinning is a good a way to do so. If you deliver the water by projecting it at speed in the form of minute frozen particles that can find their way into the smallest vent, so much the better. He could not guarantee the recovery of any of yesterday's transactions.


Dave reports that most of the kit has been rebuilt and the basic network functions will be up again by lunchtime. The most serious data loss is the stuff that came over from the website and was being held ahead of the twice daily updates. We have lost all of that.

A press release was put out asking anyone who made an online application or payment between 1am and 11.30am to contact us. The statement said there was a failure of IT systems due to adverse weather conditions.


Headline in the local press is "Snow blindness?" It sits above a "Will the director of IT be disciplined for allowing his staff?" storyline. Nasty business. Like the snow though, which has already gone, I expect it all to melt away in a day or two.

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