DPM's diary: 10 July 2007

Weekly round up of events at Bogcaster Council


We have a new HR director, and this one is trouble. Not only has she already asked if she can have a better recruitment support system built, but she has also convinced the chief executive that we need a senior management development programme.

It is alright, though, as she has not got a budget this year to pay for it. So wading through ice-cold water carrying a bucket of baked beans, or whatever team-building exercise she has in mind, will have to wait.

In the meantime, I asked Charlie to respond favourably to her system development requests - nothing like a project to keep over-enthusiastic people distracted.


Got Mavis to book me in for the Asslic 2007 conference, which this year is being held in the "Infernal City", the "Port Said of the North". Belfast that is.

Question: what is black and blue and floats in the river? Answer: the last person to make too many disparaging remarks about the Ulster capital. Moving on then

Mavis is definitely coming with me this time, but now we are green travellers we are not allowed to fly, so we have to take the boat and train. It will take three days each way.


Just as well I booked yesterday. A note today from the chief executive explains that in order to fund the senior management training programme, 50% of unspent director conference and expenses budgets are to be sequestered.


Charlie came in to report that the new HR lady wants to use IT to help reduce her departmental staffing levels. "Are you sure she is a personnel officer?" I asked.

"She certainly looked like one. Rather good-looking, actually," said Charlie.

We are to make a start on the Automated Recruitment Systems Engineering project next week. Decided I will take over the liaison role personally.


It turns out that the first scheduled senior management training event does not involve raft building or silly games in the wild, but instead is a course on team management in a hotel. A refreshingly old-fashioned approach, although a little patronising perhaps.

After all, I have been managing people for some while now. I use the carrot and stick technique. This way, if the stick breaks I can always hit them with the carrot.

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