Cybercrime focus at RSA 2002

The RSA 2002 conference will kick off today (18 February) with a keynote speech by Richard Clarke, presidential advisor on...

The RSA 2002 conference will kick off today (18 February) with a keynote speech by Richard Clarke, presidential advisor on Cyberspace Security.

With heightened awarness of security issues following the September 11 US bombings, the event is likely to serve a focal point beween the IT security industry users and US government officials. Cybercrime is slated as a major theme at the event.

A number of organisations are planning to unveil products and services at the event.

Symantec will unveil its Gateway Security system, an integrated appliance bundling firewall, anti-virus, content filtering, intrusion-detection, and VPN capabilities. According to Symantec the product is designed to provide multi-tiered protection for the network perimeter to defend against a host of malicious code and intrusion attacks. As part of the new appliance, Symantec said it would be bundling Enterprise Firewall 7.0, Carrier Scan Server 2.2 for AV, and an integrated IPsec-compliant VPN based on Symantec Enterprise VPN 7.0. Symantec Gateway Security appliance will be offered in three different models.

Managed security services provider Qualys is due to announce at enhancements to its managed vulnerability assessment platform. In a bid to help users improve protection against possible holes in their systems, Qualys said it will refine its automated security service to include an enhanced reporting engine. The aim is to offer reports to every level of the enterprise. Qualys said the updated service will provide patch and signature aggregation to simplify the process of fixing vulnerabilities once discovered.

There is also expected to be news of a new security audit with an insurance company and a security company teaming to offer security audits. The deal will see the security company auditing clients' networks and systems for security, which will in turn help the insurance company gauge what kind of potential risk the client is and set rates accordingly, she said.

Other products and services being unveiled at the show include:

  • Tumbleweed Communications introducing Homeland Security suite, a specially priced software bundle aimed at agencies, both public and private, that have critical infrastructure to protect

  • The Liberty Alliance, the alternative to Microsoft's Passport Web authentication system being pushed by Sun Microsystems, announcing new partners

  • Pentasafe Security Technologies, unveiling a security index designed to help measure the overall status of computer security

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