Computer Weekly Special Report: Web services

This special report provides you with a head start

Web services will revolutionise data integration by enabling systems to talk in a language understood by all. It may also allow the IT department to build an infrastructure that offers much greater flexibility to respond faster to business change.

This special report provides you with a head start.

The universal glue
A viable one-to-many business model is still a long way off, says Neil Macehiter
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Speech therapy
Sharing makes sense for your organisation and its customers, says Danny Bradbury
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Taking IT up
Lisa Kelly reports on the best approaches to creating a business-oriented project
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Facing both ways
House of Fraser developed two web services with an eye on cost, says Jane Dudman
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Whose camp are you in?
Arif Mohamed reports on the two web services camps that have evolved
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The learning curve
Early adopters identify the positives and the negatives. Mark Vernon reports
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