City ITers discuss the issues over free beer

IT professionals rubbed shoulders with City gents at our recent Thirst Thursday on 5 September, writes Nathalie Towner.

IT professionals rubbed shoulders with City gents at our recent Thirst Thursday on 5 September, writes Nathalie Towner.

The Lamb Tavern, as with all City of London pubs, stops serving at 10pm, so punters came rushing in straight from work - some of the Corporation of London's IT team even turned up before the 6pm kick-off.

By 7pm the room was packed with more than 100 ITers, and an extra barman had to be summoned to cope with demand.

There were lots of new faces at the event and, reflecting the subdued state of the IT jobs market, a larger number than normal were keen to find out about job opportunities.

There was much talk of when the market would pick up and comparisons of how different industry sectors are faring. An article in Computer Weekly about job prospects in the public sector prompted heated debate on the pros and cons of working in this area.

There was also a lot of discussion about various new technologies, security issues and, most importantly, whose turn it was to get the next round in from the free bar, which was generously provided by event sponsor TMP Worldwide.

The IT professionals who came along reflected the City location, with many of them working for the big financial firms, but there were also ITers present from the Cabinet Office, Bupa, Mencap, the BBC and the Royal Opera House.

By the time Computer Weekly editor Karl Schneider pulled out the quiz sheet the merriment was in full swing and the crowd tackled the questions with gusto, if not necessarily with much accuracy.

When asked to name one of the computer technologists on the BBC's list of 100 Great Britons, one team got a bit confused and came up with Tim Berners-Smith, although this was a better attempt than "the guy from Cern" and "Tara Palmer-Tomkinson".

Five teams finished the quiz on seven points, so the result had to be decided by a nail-biting tie break question.

The Appichar team were the quickest in providing the answer and they also wasted no time in necking their prize bottle of champagne, generously sharing it out with other ITers in the vicinity.

Who paid for the drinks?
Thirst Thursday was sponsored by TMP Worldwide, a provider of recruitment solutions for organisations throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, the US and the Pacific Rim. The organisation provides specialist local expertise, knowledge across all sectors, global resources and complete IT recruitment solutions. More at

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