Chief Information Officers (CIOs): What it takes to be a good CIO

CIOs: What is the role of the Chief Information Officer and what makes a good CIO?

What is the role of the Chief Information Officer and what makes a good CIO?

The CIO of today is at the apex of the IT function. A CIO embodies all the issues that crystallize around the question of business-IT alignment.

The relationship between a company's board and the CIO can be highly sensitive. Fashions change. Five years ago CIOs were being appointed to boards. Many of them held their tongues when non-IT matters were raised, and their successors found themselves locked out of the boardroom. But now, there are signs that more business savvy CIOs are emerging.

Leading CIOS are well rewarded - private sector IT companies are prepared to offer massive salaries to attract the best CIOs.

In the public sector, Computer Weekly recently reported that UK government CIOs are among the highest paid civil servants in Whitehall.

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Computer Weekly tells the stories of seven successful CIOs. All have had a transformative experience that has raised their game and helped them make it to the top - as they are published a link to their story will be generated.

David Lister, CIO at Reuters

Jennifer Allerton, CIO of Roche's Pharma Division

Mittu Sridhara, vice president of information technology and product management at Sabre Holdings

Peter Dew, CIO of the Linde Group

Maggie Miller, Maggie Miller, senior vice president and CIO of the Warner Music Group

Richard Rundle, IT director of BAA

Richard Cross, CIO, ITV

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