Bosses should tackle stress at work

Survey finds 67% take workplace stress home.

Survey finds 67% take workplace stress home

Anxiety in the workplace is threatening the health of UK employees, according to research carried out by IT training company Parity Resourcing Solutions.

The research found that 67% of people take office traumas home with them. The main reasons given by the respondents for their high stress levels were: unrealistic workloads (16%), job insecurity (14%), long working hours (14%) and colleagues' incompetence (13%).

The survey of a cross-section of 300 UK employees, also found that this trend has led to 60% of the working population looking stressed, tired and overworked, according to friends outside the workplace.

"These findings confirm that there is definitely a problem with the way the UK as a whole approaches work," said Rick Bacon, managing director at Parity.

"As staff are the most important asset a company has, managers simply cannot afford to take a laissez faire approach to tackling employee stress.

"One way for companies to alleviate these perceived unrealistic workloads is to adopt a human capital management policy, where skills are maximised and resources are used more effectively."

"By pursuing this tactic to address long hours and regularly communicating with staff on human resources and management issues, bosses can go a long way to helping reduce employee stress levels.

"The result should be in-creased productivity, fewer cases of absence and improved morale. Employers should also encourage staff to take regular holidays and, if appropriate, offer flexible working hours for a more effective working environment."

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