Asset management tool helps York to clean up its act with automated response to calls

Software tool gives city a head start on keeping the streets tidy.

Software tool gives city a head start on keeping the streets tidy.

A suite of asset-management software is being used to help to keep the City of York clean and tidy.

The council's call centre handles 1,500 enquiries every week about problems ranging from fly-tipping to abandoned cars, so York is implementing a suite of applications from asset management supplier Exor.

The call centre - York Pride Action Line - has been integrated with Exor's Public Enquiry Manager and the council has stored details of every property in York on Exor's Spatial Data Manager  database.

The cases generated in Public Enquiry Manager can be attributed to individual properties, parks or wasteland, via a link with the database.

The system can provide council staff with a range of management information. Users can view, interrogate and analyse the data generated by calls to the action line. Departments can set up formats for the reports they want the system to produce.

Council officers can look for minor trends, such as in the spread of graffiti, litter, fly-tipping or fly-posting. They could, for instance, use the system to see how many times a particular graffiti artist strikes, since they tag their work with a prominent signature that can be recorded in the database.

Public Enquiry Manager has been set up to produce a report on fly-tipping in an electronic format that can be submitted directly to the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in line with its requirements.

It can be adapted for types of crime and vandalism that are occasionally the subject of targets set by central government. 

Problems such as abandoned vehicles are managed from the first call to the removal of the vehicle. The applications send e-mails to the appropriate department or individual responsible for removing them.

All of the city's contractors are managed within the system on two Exor applications called Contractor Interface Manager and Financial Interface Manager.

Although the system is currently run in a client server environment, changes are planned for later in the year when further Exor products are expected to be rolled out.

City of York spokesman, Keith Rowan, said, "The next phase will provide the city with a fully web-enabled implementation system.

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