Are you an IT prince or a pain in the neck?

Do you ever look around your IT department and wonder how you ended up there? Or perhaps you have never even considered working...

Do you ever look around your IT department and wonder how you ended up there? Or perhaps you have never even considered working anywhere else. Find out what sort of ITer you are by answering these questions, writes Roisin Woolnough.

Why do you work in IT?
Computers are my life and I can't think of anything better than being paid to pursue my favourite hobby.
b. I did quite well in IT at school and did not really know what else to do.
c. I like solving problems and applying technology to business.
d. IT is a prominent, well paid career.

You are working on a piece of code that is flawed and you cannot fix it. Do you:
Scour the Web for clues - there must be a logical explanation somewhere.
b. Pop out for a cigarette and hope the problem will go away.
c. Ask colleagues for help - someone is bound to have seen the problem before.
d. Get the office whizzkid to sort it out - delegation is a wonderful thing.

There is a bad atmosphere in the office. What do you do?
You had not noticed and don't care anyway - chatting gets in the way of coding.
b. You are in the thick of it, getting all the gossip and pitching in your own.
c. You try to calm things down but keep out of the political arguments.
d. Play colleagues off against each other so that you come out on top and your rivals are in a bad position.

You have been asked to lead a presentation of the new system to key business people. How do you feel?
Annoyed - they don't understand IT and will not know what you are talking about.
b. Incredulous - it is a wind-up - nobody asks you to do things like that.
c. Pleased but nervous - it is a good opportunity.
d. Excited - this is your chance to show everyone what you are made of and make an impression on those who really count.

How do you think IT fits in to business?
IT is what makes the world go round - or yours anyway.
b. You don't really care how they fit together, you just do what you are told.
c. IT has an increasingly strong role to play in business.
d. IT is a key business driver and I want to be part of that.

Who do you admire most?
Mr Spock.
b. James Bond.
c. Nigella Lawson.
d. Margaret Thatcher.

It is Friday evening and just as you are leaving work a problem crops up.
What do you do?

a. Smack your lips in delight - what better way to spend your weekend.
b. Hope you can get out of the door (and down to the pub) before anyone notices.
c. See what the situation is and, if it can't wait until Monday, offer to work late or take it home with you.
d. Organise a number of people to act as troubleshooters, with you as project leader.

The pressure is on and the whole office seems stressed. How are you?
Working happily away on your own, enjoying the intellectual challenge.
b. Taking regular tea and cigarette breaks to escape.
c. Working hard, but not staying too late in the evening because you don't want to burn out.
d. Thriving on it - it is a really high-profile project and you are talking to all the right people.

When you think of users, you think of:
A stupid lot who should not be allowed to touch technology in the first place.
b. A cool bunch of people - as long as they don't want you to do anything to their machines.
c. Part of the business - people who you provide a technological service to.
d. Business associates, and the more high-level ones you can meet, the better.

It is the weekend. How do you celebrate?
By playing Dungeons and Dragons with your next door neighbour's teenage son.
b. You are out all weekend and quite often have to take the Monday off to recover.
c. Relaxing and catching up with old mates.
d. A couple of networking parties and some gym time to keep the blood pumping.

So are you an out-and-out nerd, just another "muppet", or already on your way up the greasy pole? Check the assessments in the box.

Were do you fit in?
Mostly As: Nerd
You are the IT stereotype of someone who prefers computers to humans. An introvert, you are at your happiest tinkering with technology and stretching your brain. Do you have a personal life?

Mostly Bs: Good time person
You are in IT because you can do it and work means you can live your life how you like in your free time. It is purely a way to make money - though you have met some good guys in the office as well

Mostly Cs: Balanced individual
You enjoy work and are ambitious, but it is not the be all and end all. You are keen on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, putting the hours in when you are at work but making sure you still have time to relax and socialise in the evenings.

Mostly Ds: Go-getter
You are a career animal. Work equals status for you and you are determined to rise to the very top. Personal life frequently takes a back seat and you are regularly in the office at weekends.

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