Are you a procrastinator?

Have you ever found yourself cleaning out your hole punch when your monthly report was due within the hour? Or making tea for the...

Have you ever found yourself cleaning out your hole punch when your monthly report was due within the hour? Or making tea for the entire office when you have been asked to plan a presentation? Complete our quiz to find out just how much of a procrastinator you really are.

How do you start your day?
a. Prioritise your tasks in a to-do list and embark on the most urgent first. (10)
b. Make a strong cup of coffee and work your way through your e-mails. (5)
c. Wander around discussing last night's EastEnders. (0)

Your boss asks you to deal with a complaint from a difficult manager. Do you
a. Find out what the complaint is about and make an appointment to see the manager that afternoon. (10)
b. Decide that 3pm is too late to start anything new and deal with it tomorrow. (5)
c. Decide the office plants are looking a bit sickly and need immediate attention. (0)

What does your outstanding tasks list look like?
a. Much the same as it did last week except for a couple of the less arduous jobs. (5)
b. It is alphabetically listed and colour coded and once you have chosen the right font you should be able to get going. (0)
c. Short and shrinking by the hour. (10)

Your boss has asked to see you next week to discuss your progress on the assignment he gave you. Do you
a. Ask a couple of colleagues for suggestions so you will have more of an idea by next week. (5)
b. E-mail a draft of your report to the boss so he can refer to it in the meeting. (10)
c. Do nothing as you prefer working under pressure. (0)

A power failure means you will not be able to log on for at least an hour. Do you
a. Make a few social calls and start trying to file all those loose bits of paper. (5)
b. Go for an extended lunch break. (0)
c. Reorganise your agenda and bring forward a meeting planned for later. (10)

The IT manager is leaving. You are in charge of organising the leaving present. Do you
a. Harangue everyone into giving money and organise a surprise party. (10)
b. Give the collection tin to Ron in the mail room and hope it is working its way around the building. (5)
c. Get a £10 M&S voucher at the last minute. (0)

You are going away for two weeks and need to tell your colleagues how they can cover for you. Do you
a. Explain who needs to do what and circulate a back-up plan for emergencies. (10)
b. Feel guilty as most of the work should have already been completed. Decide another two weeks' delay won't make a difference. (0)
c. Leave a Post-It note on a colleague's desk before you leave telling them to just cover the urgent tasks. (5)

How did you do?

How on earth did you find the time to complete this quiz? You don't understand the concept of putting work off. Remember that taking time to think things through is not a failing.

You know how to get by and, when you have to, you can pull your finger out to get something done. But if you want that promotion it might be worth rethinking how you operate.

Under 20
Well done for making it into work. You must be rushing from one nightmare scenario to another. If you actually got on with doing your work you wouldn't always be so stressed.

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