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Sun Stream Web designers went to town on their own interactive selling space.

Sun Stream Web designers went to town on their own interactive selling space.

Roisin Woolnough

Andy Rogers, Oliver Morgan and Simon Williams have been dubbed the millionaire makers. "We have done a number of sites for dotcom titles and made people a lot of money," explains Rogers, marketing director of the trio's Web design consultancy Sun Stream.

The company launched a redesign of its site in December last year, two years after it first launched. Geraint Jones, systems administrator on the site, had a busy schedule in the run up to Christmas, getting the site ready. "The worst bit was getting it all done in time for the launch party," he says. "I was busy working right until the last minute."

Before relaunching the site, the designers spent a couple of months working on the new look and feel. The development of the design specifications then took another month to complete.

The site exists primarily as a showcase for Sun Stream to display its design and development skills and to enable the company to interact with its clients. This made Jones' task much easier because there weren't any major e-commerce or database specifications for him to consider.

"There's no significant e-commerce application so we use a single-processor Pentium III machine with 256Mbytes of Ram to host both the Web server and the database server," explains Jones. "The server runs Windows NT4, the Web server is IIS 4 and the database server is SQL Server 7."

The Sun Stream developers used the standard mix of Web technologies for the site: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), dynamic HTML (DHTML), Javascript, Flash and Realmedia.

Now that the launch is safely over, Jones' focus has turned to the interactive elements of the site. He is developing a section that will enable Sun Stream's clients to contact individuals at the company through a Web-cam and chat sessions. "This is based on a 3D model of the office with clickable desks that open up chat/Web-cam sessions with whoever's sitting there."

To do this, Jones says they will be using a combination of Netmeeting, ICQ and Humanclick.

Of all the work that he has put into the site, Jones says he is most pleased with some Flash animations he created. "They're home-made Flash animations of one of our directors throwing things at the screen. Many of the problems we had arose filming these - so many, in fact, that we've got an out-takes section on the Web site."

Curriculum vitae

Name: Geraint Jones

Age: 34

Job title: systems administrator

Qualifications: Phd in physics

IT skills: MCP, NT, SQL Server 7

Hobbies: watching sport, concerts, art galleries

Favourite pub: The Mermaid, Rye, Sussex

Favourite film: Apocalypse Now

Favourite book: Bliss by Peter Carey

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