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23 July 2013

Will cloud services follow the evolution of banking?

Security remains one of the main reasons many organisations are holding back from adopting cloud services, but service providers say security will become the very reason companies choose cloud services in future. Google, Microsoft, Verizon and most other cloud service providers commonly argue that they are able to provide better security than any individual customer organisation could on its own. The banking industry provides a useful analogy. There was a time when keeping money under the mattress was safe, but eventually individuals could not keep their valuables as safe as a bank could and depositing money became the accepted norm. Today, banking generally provides a safer and more useful place to put money because it is secured by tried and tested security processes that are complemented by a host of financial services. Similarly, cloud services are evolving along the lines that they will eventually become the recognised safe repository for valuable data. Information banking could pay dividends The concept of "information ...

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