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08 July 2014

Future of in-house datacentres in the cloud era

Many enterprises are no longer building in-house datacentres. Instead, they are opting for third-party datacentres, and scalable and agile cloud infrastructure so they can avoid owning depreciating IT hardware assets. But does this mean in-house datacentres are dying? “If I start a new business today, will I build my datacentre? Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean in-house datacentres are dead,” says Daniel Beazer, consultant at BroadGroup, the datacentre consultancy firm hosting the Datacentres Europe 2014 conference. “I know of a bank that just bought a mainframe, and late last year Debenhams invested in a mainframe. This proves that these businesses are not about to exit datacentre business.” “And there may be many such companies heavily invested in datacentres.” Where an in-house datacentre strategy works Capgemini is one such company. In 2010 it built a state-of-art, modular datacentre in Swindon. The Merlin datacentre is the company’s newest and best datacentre. Its energy efficiency, responsiveness and resilience are so high...

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