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03 December 2013

Consumer-facing firms need two CIOs and multi-speed development

Businesses that sell goods and services to consumers need at least two CIOs and multi-speed IT departments if they are to keep up with the competition. Long-established businesses based on traditional bricks and mortar customer service will need more than one IT leader when they move to multi-channel models. You do not need to be a huge bank these days to justify more than one CIO. In sectors such as retail, where digitisation is transforming how businesses interact and serve customers, the person that drives customer-facing developments would struggle to manage the traditional corporate IT infrastructure at the same time. Travel company Thomas Cook is a good example. Its business is being transformed by online consumer habits. As a result of the explosion in the number of consumers who research and buy holidays online, the company has had to turn IT into an agile software development house, which can quickly develop and launch online services. These services are being developed in reaction to what customers are asking for and ...

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