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28 January 2014

Do you need tablets in your workplace?

Consumers have shown a massive appetite for tablets, but IT departments have not presented the same level of eagerness. There can be no doubting the impact of the current generation of touchscreen tablets. Sparked four years ago by the launch of Apple’s iPad – a device some doubted would have a place for most users – consumers have shown a huge appetite for the handheld touchscreen form. So much so, that even supermarkets now have their own brand of tablets. With such rapid and wide-ranging consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets, it was almost inevitable that people would want to use these devices as tools for work, but IT departments and corporate strategies have struggled to keep up with user thinking and expectations. Consumerisation and shadow IT are the oft-used expressions for the shift in power from IT manager to the user, but organisational responsibilities mean there is still a balance to be struck between corporate control and user choice. This has led to a collection of acronyms to define some slightly ...

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