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07 January 2014

CIO interview: Paolo Cinelli, CIO, Ikea

Beginning as a bricks and mortar store in the 1950s, Ikea is now the world’s largest furniture retailer with a turnover of €27bn. The retailer’s priority today is to get closer to its customers through a multi-channel approach that combines digital and traditional methods. Ikea has four channels – in-store, contact centres, online and mobile – but more than 95% of its sales still come from physical stores. That does not mean its digital channels are not popular, however. Its website, which is over 10 years old, receives 1.2 billion visits a year, of which 750 million are unique visitors. “That's more than one in 10 people on the planet,” says CIO Paolo Cinelli. “It’s a very popular place, and it will become even more popular as we’ve started opening up e-commerce.” Customers have been able to buy online in selected countries for the past five to 10 years, but two years ago the company increased its e-commerce drive and is now selling in 13 countries. Additionally, it is expanding the range of products available to buy online. ...

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