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26 August 2014

How wearable tech, big data analytics and cloud help in Parkinson’s disease research

Actor Michael J. Fox's charity for Parkinson's disease is seeking to improve the treatment for Parkinson's through a research project that involves wearable technologies, big data analytics and public cloud computing. Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative brain disease that affects about five million people worldwide. While it usually affects people in their 60s, it can come earlier. There is a wide range of motor and non-motor symptoms associated with the disease. "Nearly 200 years after Parkinson's disease was first described, we are still limited in tracking and measuring the disease,” said Todd Sherer, chief executive of the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF). “The big challenges are the variability in the type of people who can get it, the wide-ranging symptoms and how it progresses. Parkinson’s can be variable, subjective and episodic.” MJFF is collaborating with Intel for the project and the chipmaker has built an open-source big data analytics platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to analyse the patient data ...

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