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November 2017-January 2018

CIO interview: Peder Sjölander, Swedish Pensions Agency

Sweden’s public sector is increasingly focused on digital services, which place new demands of agility and speed on its IT. For Peder Sjölander, CIO at the Swedish Pensions Agency, which manages the country’s national pensions, the answer is to bring development and operations closer together under the DevOps model. He isn’t turning back. “Before, it typically took 18 to 24 months to take an idea to actual production, and now it can only take two to three weeks,” says Sjölander. “We can also now do much more with the same hours because we work in a smarter way.” Sjölander refers to cross-functional teams, which amalgamate different IT roles and people from the Pensions Agency’s other departments. The teams work in rapid iterations and are responsible for the entire process – from working on an idea to production. The theory is that errors can be fixed fast and improvements delivered continuously by bridging any gaps and delays between application development and systems operations. Today, most of the Pensions Agency’s IT ...

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