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June 2014

Flash storage gains a foothold in Turkey

Awareness of the benefits of flash storage arrays in Turkey has increased over the last few years. And although there is a lack of analyst data on flash storage adoption in Turkey, anecdotal accounts expect continued growth. For now, however, it remains rather a niche market. That said, across sectors that require low latency and high IOPS (input/output operations per second) rates – such as telecoms, shipping, banking and retail – flash storage systems have already become indispensible. Flash storage options Key deployment options for flash storage customers include arrays that combine flash solid state and spinning disk storage, either in purpose-built hybrid flash arrays or with solid state drives retro-fitted to existing array products. Then there are all-flash arrays. These are often from startup companies that have developed products from the ground up, to ensure device hardware and software is optimised for the speed and special requirements of flash operations, but can also be existing SAN products populated with flash ...

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