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July 2014

Revised EU data protection in effect already, says lawyer

The proposed EU data protection legislation may still be a long way from becoming law, but principles are already in effect, according to privacy lawyer Stewart Room. “Regulators and courts throughout Europe are acting as if the proposed legislation were already in force,” he told the SC Congress in London. Room said regulators and courts are interpreting existing data protection laws in the light of the European Commission (EC) proposals. The recent landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice against Google in support of the controversial right to be forgotten is an example of this, he said. Take-down requests were reportedly submitted to Google within a day of the court ruling that people could demand "irrelevant or outdated" information be deleted from search results. According to Room, the Google ruling is significant because it proved that all those, who thought that just having a sales office in Europe meant they were free of the obligations of a data controller, were wrong. Read more about EU data protection ...

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